Career Seekers Can Explore Thirty-Three Training Providers Who Qualify for Federal Education Grants


Want a new job or a better one? With thousands of job openings available in the region, our community needs everyone who can participate in the workforce to do so.  Toward that goal, the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) provides funding for training for eligible individuals – those who earn less than 300% of poverty ($43,720 or less for a single person) – to obtain new or additional certifications or credentials. 

WDBCO has just released our updated training provider catalog – based on high-quality provider performance and successful participant outcomes – with a total of 33 providers that are eligible to receive WIOA funding. There are a wide variety of career options and related training programs offered including in-person and online learning, and short-term or longer term programs.   Among the most in-demand and highest-paying careers include a variety of information technology programs, health care occupations, heavy equipment operators, and commercial driver’s licenses (CDL). You can explore eligible training providers and career possibilities here.

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