Business Resources Featured in New WDBCO Workforce Ecosystem Map

Navigating the complex world of the local workforce system can be a daunting experience.  WDBCO has developed and deployed an easy-to-use web interface or “mind map” that allows business and human resource professionals to identify and access a wide variety of services and resources. 

Businesses may not be aware of the many programs and services that are available to help them identify talent resources, training, or wrap-around services that can supplement or fulfill immediate needs of their businesses,” says WDBCO Associate Director of Business Solutions Windy Murphy. “For example, WOIA Incumbent Worker Training funds can provide up to $25,000 reimbursement to a business needing to upskill or reskill existing employees.

The 3D interface was designed to be easily updated to reflect the rapidly changing workforce environment. Flexibility was key. For example, WIOA-eligible training providers’ certifications and course offerings change frequently. The Mind Map ultimately links directly to the provider’s information ensuring that what is presented is always up to date.

“Content is being finalized and revised for the Mind Map as we work out key details and functionality.  We anticipate a full public launch of this new workforce resource in the coming weeks,” says Andrew Campbell, Director of Communications at the WDBCO.

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Andrew Campbell, Director of Communications, WDBCO  E:   P: 614.559.5068