Workforce Evolution Conference, March 21 – REGISTRATION OPEN NOW


At a time when the need for skilled workers is high and the labor participation rate is at historic lows, employers must embrace new ideas and tap into new talent pools to meet the demand. Workforce Evolution will highlight workforce innovation by sharing knowledge and experience between employer HR teams and community-based workforce agencies. Speakers and break-out sessions will be focused on innovative ways to attract, develop, and retain workforce talent. 

Opal Brant, WDBCO’s Director of Business Solutions, is leading the initiative with co-host Human Resource Association of Central Ohio (HRACO). Brant says “Workforce Evolution is a rare opportunity to collaborate with peers across the industry to establish new relationships and sector partnerships. If we encourage collaboration of workforce and HR professionals, new and innovative projects to engage talent can be amplified and replicated.”

This one-day conference is the first-of-its-kind convening of both workforce and human resource professionals. Sharing knowledge and connecting resources to needs is the goal. The conference will provide HR professionals with the latest tools and techniques to empower and equip workforce planning strategies at all levels. 

“The mission of HRACO is to lead, educate, and inspire HR excellence within the Central Ohio Community. This partnership allows HRACO to carry out its mission by connecting key workforce development relationships to those in HR roles while also educating HR professionals on important resources available to them,” said Emily Magill, VP of Workforce Readiness for HRACO.

More information about the event including speakers, agenda, and details is available here:

Workforce Evolution