Apprenticeship Hub

The Apprenticeship Hub is a centralized and simplified resource for entrance into the apprenticeship system for employers, jobseekers, and training providers.

Recognized Pre-Apprenticeship

A recognized pre-apprenticeship program is entry level training and education that introduces a person to an industry or specific career while developing essential work-related skills and a direct pathway into a registered apprenticeship program.

Pre-apprenticeship program minimum criteria:

  • Occupation or Industry Sector 
  • Minimum age requirement for participation: 16 yrs old 
  • No minimum work-based learning or on-the job training hours 
  • No minimum related instruction or classroom training hours 
  • Registered apprenticeship participating employer

Registered Apprenticeship

A registered apprenticeship program is an employer-driven workforce development strategy that delivers high-quality, formalized training, paid on-the-job experience with mentorship, and classroom instruction.

Registered apprenticeship program minimum criteria:

  • Occupation specific
  • Minimum age requirement for participation: 16 yrsold
  • 2,000 hourminimum on-the-job training
  • 144 hourminimum related instruction
  • Scheduled wage increases

Benefits of Employer Registered Apprenticeship

  • Reduce the amount of time and money spent on building a recruiting pipeline
  • Reducing Liabilities-apprenticeship programs emphasize safety training, reducing workplace accidents and liabilities.
  • ROI
  • Pre-apprenticeship linkage
  • Funding-tax credits, WIOA, tech cred, WOTC ORC: